Spam Filter FAQs

How to log into your Spam Quarantine
How to release a message in the Spam Quarantine
How to Release Banned Attachments

Spam Quarantine Overview

Twice a day you will receive a Spam Quarantine Report in your inbox. It will show you the emails that have been quarantined either for potential spam, viruses, or blocked attachments. Simply follow the links below to deliver or whitelist a message. After 21 days the messages are automatically deleted. 

How do I log into my Spam Quarantine?
To log into your spam quarantine please go to You will need to enter your FULL email address and password.
If you do not know your password click on "Forgot Your Password"

You will receive a temporary password in your email after you click send. Go to and put in your FULL email address and the temporary password. You will then enter the spam quarantine.

How do I release a message in the Spam Quarantine?
After logging into quarantine find the email that needs to be released. Once it is located, click the checkbox to left of the email.

You have two options to release the message:

  1. Release - will release that message only from the sender this one time,
  2. Whitelist - will release that message and all future messages from the sender.

After selecting on the the two options the message will appear in your inbox.

How to Release Banned Attachments

Once logged into your spam quarantine click on "Search Filters" from there click the down arrow on "Message Type" (see diagram below). Select "Banned Attachments" from the "Message type" drop down menu and then click apply. Your banned attachments will show in a list. Once you locate the attachment you need to recieve, click the check box next to the message and then click "release." The message will then be delivered to your inbox.